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We not only serve our customers, we also help them establish their own ‘Punchaiyat’ if they want. So.. What are you waiting for? Become a Punchaiyati now: 

More about us!

Prior to anything else a doubt must’ve had knocked in your head that why to become a Franchise owner at Punchaiyat, so here are some reasons you can consider for the same: 

And there are a lot more reasons why you should join hands with Punchaiyat and start your business as soon as possible.

A perfect hangout place for friends to spend time and relish the moment together.

An exceptional buisness meeting space for all the businessmen and entrepreneurs to call their clients at cafe to give that long lasting impression.

Punchaiyat is a perfect place to hang out, spend time, and relish the moments with your loved ones and even your colleagues. 

These are the roles of company while you set up your “Punchaiyat franchise”:



We will assist you in setting up the entire store as per laid out standards.



Comprehensive training would be conducted on service operations, accounting, inventory control.


PR Support

Regular PR coverage at the national as well as regional level.



We will assist you in hiring skilled employees to manage the outlet as per laid out standards.



Franchisees will receive regular advice on inventory control and administrative issues.

Not only this, once you are open to serve, our operational team will stay in your city for a month to manage the sales and operations for you at the basic stage and also we will help you with newspaper and radio advertisement for better marketing and promotion at the local level.

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