Chai Always Matters!

Punchaiyat!! Sounds exciting, right? What’s more exciting is that you get to have a relaxed and fun time over Chai with your mates in a chill and amazing hangout place.

Deshi and Videshi Khana

Ofcourse, we got a wide range of exquisite food too, so when you hangout.. you have your tummy filled with yummy food and chai.


Exotic Veggie Sandwich, Garlic Cheese Sandwich, Spicy Jalapeno and Cheese Sandwich and more.


Pasta Arabiatta, Pasta in Creamy White Sauce, Pasta Mexicana.

Apni Wali Maggi

Butter Maggi, Tandoori Maggi, Maggi Chaaf, Cheesy Garlic Maggi.

Mumbai Bhel

Full Apart Pav

Dahi Puri

Own Your Own Panchaiyat

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